A Level 3 science qualification with slightly lower entry requirements.  It covers parts of biology, chemistry and physics in just one option block.  A great science course for you if you prefer to work consistently well throughout the year and struggle more with exams as it is about 40% coursework.

Entry requirements: 4-4 in Combined Science, plus 4 in Maths


The Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Business will prepare you for a successful career. You will study a range of business types from small start-up enterprises to huge multinational corporations like Nike and Apple. You will gain an understanding of the world of work and the key drivers of business success.

Entry requirements: 4 in Maths, plus 4 in English Literature or Language


Studying Construction and the Built Environment will allow students to understand construction principles, Health and Safety in the construction industry, construction design principles and construction technology. Allowing students to progress to higher education or onto apprenticeships.

Entry requirements: Grade 4 in Maths and a Grade 4 in English Literature or Language


The course is for students who want to explore a range of processes and techniques in digital media. The aims are to enable students to develop awareness of the world of digital media, TV, Film and Video and understand influencing factors and contexts; develop creative processes and reflect requirements and feedback from specific audiences and clients in developing their work; use digital media creatively as a way of expressing meaning; develop the skills needed for the study of digital media and design in higher education; prepare for working in a collaborative industry.

Entry requirements: 4 in Maths, plus 4 in English Literature or Language


Criminology is a subject which appeals to many students and has links to courses such as law, psychology and sociology. During the course you will study many areas that link to crime, including the behaviours, mind-set and motive of criminals, types of crime and how crime can be controlled, prevented and limited.

Entry requirements: 4 in English Literature or Language


This course covers a variety of areas such as computer aided design, manufacturing processes, teamwork and much more. As an engineering student you will have access to a variety of equipment and technology as you develop your understanding and appreciation of engineering in the modern world. Engineering offers you a wide range of opportunities at post-18 with ex-students finding employment through apprenticeships and also degree level apprenticeships in both the private and public sector, including Rolls Royce, MoD and BMT and many student have gone direct to university.

Entry requirements
  • Single award: 5 in at least one Science plus 5 in Maths
  • Double award: 4 in at least one Science plus 4 in Maths


An understanding of food science and nutrition is relevant to many industries and job roles. Care providers and nutritionists in hospitals use this knowledge, as do sports coaches and fitness instructors.  Hotels and restaurants, food manufacturers and government agencies also use this understanding to develop menus, food products and policies that support healthy eating initiatives.

Entry requirements: 5 or merit in food course if taken, or two grade 4s in science if not, plus 4 in English Literature or Language


This Level 3 science qualification is the equivalent to two A Levels but with lower entry requirements.   The course combines the skills needed for scientific investigation and analysis with a knowledge of law and police procedure.

Entry requirements: 4 in Combined Science, plus 4 in Maths


The UK has a long history of making world class video games. With the global gaming market estimated to be worth in excess of £160bn, the opportunities for the UK games industry have never been greater.

From September 2023 we are introducing a new option at Sixth Form, focusing on 3D/VR game design, digital design and how to make websites.

The aim is to provide you with employable skills to enter this rapidly growing job market once you leave year 13.

Entry requirements: Grade 5 in Computer Science or Merit in BTEC IT or portfolio of independent game or web design.


The Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Health and Social Care offers you the opportunity to develop essential knowledge and skills for work in Health Care, Social Care and Child Care. If you are thinking of a career such as doctor, paramedic or midwife, youth worker, social worker, primary teacher or counsellor, then CTEC Health and Social Care will help you to achieve your goals.

Entry requirements: 4 in English Literature or Language, plus 4-4 in Combined Science